Bring back Genevieve's ride for all kids to enjoy while raising awareness!

Bring back Genevieve's ride for all kids to enjoy while raising awareness!

Post photo's on social media with #CarouselChallenge share them with us & challenge others - follow @carouselchallenge on IG


Post photo's on social media with #CarouselChallenge share them with us & challenge others - follow @carouselchallenge on IG

About Us


Genevieve and Daddy at the Santa Barbara Carousel that's been closed for 2 years

  • Bring Back Santa Barbara's Carousel!  Our first mission: By participating in Genevieve's Carousel Challenge, which started on her 16th Birthday 8/6/2019, and getting others to do so you'll create a wave of love and fun as well as create more carousels for disabled kids to enjoy. You can give simply by sharing this website and/or challenging those you know to post their favorite carousel moments with the #CarouselChallenge hashtag - follow on Instagram @carouselchallenge - and share your photos with us so we can share with the world too!. Let's create something big that will benefit kids that don't ask for much and give us plenty of joy while at the same time making rides available for more people every day!

We've also made a Facebook Page to post your carousel photo's on with the #CarouselChallenge hashtag making it easy for anyone to join the fun!

Genevieve love's carousel's and her favorite one was moved from her hometown. Go on a ride and donate a few dollars if you can, and please make sure to post your photos, even your old ones of your favorite carousel memories. Everyone loves to go for a ride! Our goal is to have 10 new carousels in locations where disabled kids can access them and ride away - all we have to do is join together and unite for an awesome cause. Every smile is worth it, including yours! We'll be updating our photo gallery regularly - send your carousel ride photos to me, if you'd like to be part of it as we'd love to include you! Please use that email address to contact Mike as well. Thank you for sharing the Challenge everywhere!

The Challenge - A Global Event

Happy Genevieve on the Carousel

All you have to do is post photo's on social media of your carousel rides using the #CarouselChallenge hashtag - share the website and challenge others to do the same. From little tykes to elderly - people love carousels. Get your family and friends to join in the fun while taking part in creating future fun for kids and adults around the world! For those that would like to contribute, we've made that easy here.

Kids with Autism and other disabilities are often the last in the pack when it comes to public fun - but we can change that and at the same time let the world enjoy photos all over social media of the #CarouselChallenge as we create a future of free rides that struggling parents of kids with challenges can afford. Compassion and love created our family and will also be the fuel that runs this challenge! Thank you for being part of it!

We need community help!

The Cannabis Love Story

Disabled kids like Genevieve ask for so little, her own local carousel was put into a museum and this challenge will raise the funds to place another one here in Santa Barbara as raise awareness and hopefully funds for safe carousel rides around the nation/world, Helping us is helping yourself to smile all day long over the work you're doing! Click here to contribute now. - if you've got the ability to help in these or other ways please make contact

If you want to help the initial 'Santa Barbara Carousel Project' we need to get organized - please get in touch with us ASAP! Thank you


Genevieve enjoying her carousel - in her favorite moments of bliss. She lives for 'her ride' - with severe Autism and Epilepsy she overcomes all of the hurdles. The loud sounds and the crowds don't phase her as she will do anything to get to that ride. Let's make more of them available and let the kids ride for free on safe equipment. The fair rides she goes on often lack safety devices and belts - supplying those all over may be added to our mission!

#Carousel Challenge Bring Back Santa Barbara's Carousel!!

Chase Palm Park Carousel That Closed - Genevieve's Favorite

For close to a decade Genevieve enjoyed this carousel... and then it closed. They loved her so much they allowed her unlimited rides there after years of watching her enjoy it. This is why this challenge is so important. People want to give to kids like Genevieve but just don't know how or where it will help them. Having a life that allows a child to live as close to, or sometimes better than those who aren't disabled is so important. Our kids, all of them, are our future. Their smiles - our worlds. This entire challenge was spurred after the past year and a half of her waking up to dreaming about being on this carousel after they dismantled it and put it in a museum. She'll watch these videos and others of kids on them every day and night. In the middle of the night we're often awake with her talking her through her memories of carousel rides as she wakes up in the midst of dreams at 1,2,3, a.m. and wants to go now! What better way to give such a special child what she deserves than to create the same opportunities for disabled kids all over - and to ride for free! It's a pleasure and an honor to share Genevieve's Joy.



Life With Genevieve

A view into the magical smiling world of our beautiful daughter Genevieve - but keep in mind not all of it is happy faces and good times in the world of Severe Autism and Epilepsy! Our kids face struggles daily that most adults could never handle. Genevieve does so with a big grin and a laugh - if only we all could do that!

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How to Give

Simply click here to contribute to Genevieve's Carousel Challenge

You can also give by sharing the website and participating in the challenge - we want to include everyone that wants to be part of this in any way! Thank you so much from Genevieve & Family.

Genevieve's Carousel Challenge #CarouselChallenge

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